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The Bar 44 wine list won the Harpers Spanish Heroes Award 2015 Best Wine List and we are proud to offer nothing but Spanish wine across the board.

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Cardiff Drinks Shelf

cava & sparkling

Spanish wines have never been in better shape, now one of the world’s most exciting wine regions. From traditional sherries and rioja right through to young wine makers making modern wines in lesser known up and coming regions, there’s so much quality.

The sparkling category is buzzing with incredible quality at great prices. Gone are the days where cava was typified by ‘stack them high sell them cheap’ poor quality supermarket offerings that gave it a bad name.


Sherry is no longer just your grans tipple from the back of the cupboard at Christmas.

It’s rightly going through a renaissance in great bars and restaurants worldwide, providing us with some of the best quality and variety of any wine category.

Like a coffee card… but much better! Grab a sherry card from the bar and receive a stamp every time you order a sherry. Cash it in for a free one when full.

Sherry Barrels

white wine

Spain has more land under vine than any country in the world. in recent years it has shed its image of producing dusty red wines to become one of the most exciting wine regions for both innovation and quality.

bodegas beronia, rioja

Situated in Ollauri in Rioja Alta, named after the Berones people who inhabited the land in 3rd century bc. The bodega was founded in 1973 by a group of gents from a local gastronomic society, encouraged by a love of great food and wine.

Cardiff Beer Tap

cerveza y sidra

Our beers and ciders represent an eclectic mix from some of spains finest producers.

The list ranges from refreshing lagers of north and south origin through to craft beers, Asturian cider on tap and regional farmhouse basque cider. Not forgetting our very own locally made pale ale.

spanish gin & tonics

Gin and gin & tonics are a big deal in Spain. In fact the spanish have revolutionized the simple G&T to new heights.

We serve ours Donostia style in large goblets, paired tonics and accompanying botanicals to suit the profile of your chosen gin.


The cocktail list, like the rest of our drinks list, has been agonized over, tried and tested again and again. Someone has to try these things!

It is focused on great combinations, nods to Spain either through the ingredients or inspiration behind the idea of the drink. The result is clean, sophisticated yet fun drinks that we hope you’ll enjoy sampling.

Spanish Spirits